Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle Review

marcy-recumbent-mag-cycle-reviewMarcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is an extremely potent recumbent bike that introduces people to a new world of fitness equipments. This is a high quality recumbent exercise bike that is built with the purpose of bringing comfort and ease in the workouts.

This bike can be classified among the very few products of its own type that have a classic and stylish design and extreme efficiency in its work. Its design will allure you and its functioning will compel you towards appreciation.


This recumbent exercise bike is an amazing product thanks to many of its features, which speak volumes of the durability and functioning of this product. This recumbent cycle comes with a preset resistance spanning on eight levels. This helps you in matching the workout according to fitness plan.

Other specifications and features:

  • Weight: 66 Pounds
  • Large LCD: To track speed, time, distance and calories
  • Dimensions: 55*40*25
  • Frame: Reclining Step-through
  • Body friendly design
  • Counterbalanced Pedals
  • Smooth Magnetic Resistance


Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is highly recommended fitness equipment due to many of its advantages. This is a very adjustable and easily manageable cycle that is especially designed to compliment every body structure and its smooth functioning gives you a world of good while workouts.

It produces quick results so people who wish to attain fitness without wasting their time would really be happy to have this product with them. Its design and structure are compact and strong, which ensure its long lasting support for the users. Its high console display times up and tracks all your activities and it is another highly advantageous feature that you would love.


This recumbent bike does not have any major disadvantage. The only disadvantage of this fitness cycle is that people with a very short height i.e. below 5’5 might feel uncomfortable during workout. On the whole this product is highly adaptable in terms of the different body structures and weights of people.

Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is best for all users but it is highly useful for all those who feel uncomfortable with straight seats on such cycles. It causes back pain.

It comes with an adjustable seat which is very good for the people who are recovering from an injury. They would find this cycle very easy to use and maintain their fitness.


This wonderful Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle is not expensive at all. This highly efficient fitness product comes in the market at very affordable price of about  $200. This makes it the best buy for you!


This bike is a magnificent fitness machine. There are no such products in the market which offer so many beneficial features in such a low price. This product provides the people with high quality and it has a supportive and durable nature.

This device is best recommended for the people who wish to attain real good fitness results in a very short time. It has many alluring features which fulfill all the modern day requirements of an easy to use fitness cycle. People will certainly get their money’s worth once they would buy it and enjoy its functioning.

Can rowing machines get me in shape?

rowing machineA rowing machine is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for your home. It is fairly safe and relatively low-impact. It is also fairly easily stored against a wall or in other out-of-the-way configurations when not in use. Yet many may wonder if the workout achieved via a rowing machine is good. In fact, a rowing machine is one of the best and safest full-body exercise machines available for a variety of reasons.

Rowing machines tone many major muscle groups in your body. The biceps and triceps are needed to draw the bar back toward your chest. In addition to these major muscles which provide the primary force behind the motion, muscles in the abdomen and shoulders contribute strength to supporting the pull. The legs are also required to drive the body backwards as well. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and other major muscles of the leg are repeatedly maneuvering much of the body’s weight and, if your technique is correct, contribute just as much effort to the exercise as does your upper body.

Rowing machines are also a great cardiovascular workout. Regular, rhythmic and intense motion increases your heart rate, and rowing is a fluid activity in which it is relatively easy and safe to lose one’s self for 15 to 20 minutes. Routine cardiovascular exercise not only improves the health of your heart, but it burns calories rapidly and boosts your metabolism. Not only does the rowing machine tone muscles, but it also helps you lose weight. You’ll also boost lung capacity as your body learns to process oxygen more efficiently, thus contributing to a healthier and stronger respiratory system.

If done correctly, rowing is fairly low-impact. It doesn’t repeatedly shock or stress joints, as commonly happens with running. The motions are fluid, easy to master, and can be started slowly and with very little resistance. Some may even consider it a form of relaxation. Correct rowing technique also doesn’t strain muscles in unintended directions.

As has been alluded to previously, many of the benefits of rowing machine fitness require you to use correct technique. Not only is improper technique unsafe, but it results in dramatically inefficient workouts. For the best results, be certain to learn and use the correct techniques.

Correct rowing machine technique results in one of the best workouts available from any machine. It tones most of the body’s major muscles, as well as others which support them. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout that will also boost respiratory efficiency, and is also incredibly safe and easy to master. If you’re wondering how to get the best exercise machine for your budget, rowing machines are worth serious consideration.

Rowing Machine – Great for Overall Health!

rowing machinesThe use of rowing machines whether at home or the gym has become increasingly popular for people of any age and gender. These people have seen that using a rowing machine improves their overall health and gives their bodies new life.

One of the many notable benefits seen by its users is that they can workout at their own pace. Depending on one’s fitness level and abilities, one can dictate how fast or slow they want to cover a certain distance on a specific resistance level set on the machine.

The low impact on joints and muscles is another one of the benefits that users get to enjoy. Rowing machines does not add unnecessary stress to the joints of the body. One only needs to adjust the level of resistance on the machine according to one’s fitness level before starting a workout routine to avoid any injuries. This means that the machine can be used by people of different ages, even the elderly without too much risk of injury on their knees, elbows and even their backs.

When done after a good set of warm up exercises, rowing machine helps the muscles of the body as well. The reason, it uses many of the core group of muscles of the body during one stretch. It can work out the arms, legs, hips and pelvis areas when a rowing machine exercise routine is done correctly. A good workout on a improves the areas of the back, upper arms and shoulders as well.

Rowing machine benefits the core or upper muscles of the body by strengthening them during workout. The reason for this is that, most of the resistance on a rowing machine is focused on the upper body area. This helps in adding strength to the shoulders, chest and forearms of those who use a rowing machine on regular basis. Aside from strengthening your outer body, the heart and lungs, a rowing machine can also be a good source of cardio-vascular exercise similar to what you can get during an aerobic workout. The calf muscles can also get some benefits to a certain extent because a person needs to use their legs to help them with the pushing motion when using the machine.

Aside from strengthening one’s muscles and giving one a good cardio-vascular workout, the use of a rowing machine helps the body as well by burning excess calories. Calorie burning helps one to lose some weight and build lean muscles.

There are many other benefits that one can visibly see and enjoy, but like with any other exercise, one should be consistent in exercising and using the machine to achieve the desired results.

Get the Best Rowing Machines through Reliable Reviews

In this modern time, clients still remain king, especially now that they are now given enough information and choices online. The web has also made the process of buying a lot easier, as clients can check and post their opinions about a specific item through reviews.

Why Read Product Reviews?

best rowing machineIf you are getting an item that you are not familiar with, the very first thing that you should do is visit a review site. Why? By checking review sites, it will be easier for clients to evaluate and compare different brands. You can check on each brand’s features, advantages, and possible disadvantages.

Majority of review services likewise come with articles from reliable exercise and health professionals. These can give clients a whole new look at rowing machines.

If you are about to get a rower, scanning a review site can be very helpful. Listed below are some important reasons why you can get the best apparatus by reading reviews.

You Can Weigh Your Options

As stated by consumer advocates, ignorance is one major reason why a lot of people commit mistakes in getting low quality products. This is where review sites come in. Clients are given more freedom to choose a brand or model based on first-hand information and not just on plain advertisements.

With the introduction of web based shopping sites like Amazon and eBay, clients can now assess the item’s quality and know if the manufacturer offers options like refund and warranties.


Review pages have really made purchasing a more reliable and transparent environment. With just a few clicks, you can now log in online and check hundreds and thousands of products. You can see everything you want to see. The main objective of review pages is very simple and that is to give people the right information they need about a single product and this allows them to come up with the right decision.

Details and Prices

You can also compare prices. A detailed review about the brand and model includes specifications, testing, and testimonials from first hand users.

These are just of the best benefits of checking out reviews before buying rowing machines. Who knows, by going through these testimonials, you can get something that is way cheaper than the one you have in mind based solely on name and advertisements.

Get the best value for your hard earned money. Shop wisely!

Concept2 Model D is one of the Best Rowing Machines

Concept2 Model DConcept2 Model D rowing machine is one of the best ways not only to build muscle but loose excess body fat. It is a great alternative to both treadmills and indoor cycles and elliptical machines. It provides a great cardio workout and also a great anaerobic workout as it targets the muscles in both the upper and lower body.with minimal impact at the knees and the ankles. Furthermore you burn more calories when compared with other forms of aerobic exercises. One more import advantage that other cardio fitness equipment don’t have is that you target your core and strengthen it.

This machine is gives you the best rowing workout . The company produces Concept2 since the 80’s and it has been very successful at building high quality machinery. Click here to read full review.

Specifically the Model D rowing Machine has the exact features you need in today’s competitive market.

It is easy to assemble and taking it apart for storage, it’s easy to move around. It operates at a very low to no level noise.It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee . It has a 2 year warranty on all its moving parts and on the monitor and a 5 year guaranty on the frame and the rest of the machine. The price being at 900 dollars is one of the best you can find for this high quality rowing machine. The size of D model is 8 feet long and 24 inches wide with the seat being roughly 14 inches of the floor and when stored it is only 25 inches long 33 inches wide and 53 inches high so you can storage or transport it with ease.

You can assemble in less than for 20 minutes. It comes with clear instructions for piecing the machine together. All you have to do is to attach 8 screws to the front of the machine with the rest of the pieces being already assemble. And in order to store it you don’t need no tools at all.

It is very easy to program the model D rowing machine and specifically the PM3 monitor it comes with. It has many helpful features. It is self calibrating has a memory card with options to store and review data a turn on and turn off button for manual programming and options for pre-designed workouts . The PM3 monitor its 3 by 3 inches and a 160X160 resolution. It measures your distance speed , pace, and calories .although it is more than adequate for all your need you can upgrade it easily with the PM4 monitor which offers games more display options wireless communication with other digital devices and much more.

The noise with its flywheel design is kept at very low level in order to provide you with an enjoyable workout , also not to disturb others in your home and off course in order to allow you to listen to your favorite music and why not the TV.

This model is designed in order to provide with a safe and comfortable workout. The seat is very comfortable and slides easily on the aluminum rails . The foot rests can adjust easily for both men and women of all sizes. And the handle is fitted for a comfortable and natural positioning for your arms. Overall The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine is truly at the top of its class.

The Best Rowing Machine Technique

best rowing machineRowing machines have fast become one of the top fitness machines in gyms across the US. There are many reasons why, including the fact that it is one of the few machines that provides a total body workout. Aerobics and strength training benefits are both the result of using a rowing machine.

Success with a rowing machine fitness regime relies on learning the proper rowing machine technique. In fact, proper rowing machine technique is going to be one of the most important steps that you must take if you want to see results. Incorrectly using the rowing machine may result in injury or a poor workout.

Proper rowing machine technique is akin to swimming. Both the arms and legs are in movement, while the core of the body is used to stabilize and provide strength. It truly is a great way to workout, it gets your cardio heart rate up, and will burn a few hundred calories. Normal full on workouts can burn up to 800 calories a session.

When using a rowing machine, it’s important to understand the three main movements that occur on the machine. The first movement is called the catch. The catch is when your body propels forward. At this time, your knees should be bent and held close and tucked to the body. The second movement is called the power stroke and describes the motion of pushing on the foot pedals and straightening your legs, while at the same time you bring your hands back towards the body. It’s important to exhale during this motion. The recovery is the final movement and consists of straightening the arms, bending the knees and moving the body forward.

The proper rowing machine technique starts when you first step into the machine. Set the machine to it’s lowest level if you are a beginner. Depending on the type of rowing machine that is being used, other settings may have to be adjusted as well, such as incline, heart rate, etc. The first step is to make sure that a comfortable foot placement is achieved. Place your feet in a comfortable upright position and don’t let the feet point in or out. Doing so will put too much strain on the knee joint while the body moves back and forth. Once your feet are in place, be sure that the seat is adjusted so that you have a comfortable grip on the handles.

The proper rowing machine technique requires you to maintain good posture while exercising. Keeping good posture will ensure that no back strain or muscle injuries occur. The back should be upright at all times. An easy mistake to make is to hunch the back or lean too far forward or backwards. Instead of using the muscles, sheer momentum will put too much pressure on the lower back area, causing strains. Only the arms and legs should move, the back should remain static.

In order to help keep the back straight, you should keep your head up and looking forward at all times. The shoulders will not be able to roll down and the back is less likely to become hunched over this way. It is also easier to breathe and to focus on exhaling at the proper time. Keeping the back straight and head up will increase the benefits of the workout, as all the right muscles are being used.

Good rowing technique may take a few tries to get right. Rather than allowing momentum to pull the body, think of pulling the handles through the back as you move on the machine. Try pulling the shoulder blades together during this movement, as it helps you find the exact muscles you should be working out. By pulling through the back with the with the handles this way, the muscles will protect the back from injury, as well as provide the strength building aspect of the workout.

Rowing machines force you to rely on the muscles in your hips and legs to do most of the work. Having the seat adjusted correctly will assist in avoiding the tendency to slouch or slide in the seat. The arms get a workout as well, however. Try to never arch the back and always sit up straight in the chair for the most beneficial rowing machine workout.