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Can rowing machines get me in shape?

rowing machineA rowing machine is an excellent piece of exercise equipment for your home. It is fairly safe and relatively low-impact. It is also fairly easily stored against a wall or in other out-of-the-way configurations when not in use. Yet many may wonder if the workout achieved via a rowing machine is good. In fact, a rowing machine is one of the best and safest full-body exercise machines available for a variety of reasons.

Rowing machines tone many major muscle groups in your body. The biceps and triceps are needed to draw the bar back toward your chest. In addition to these major muscles which provide the primary force behind the motion, muscles in the abdomen and shoulders contribute strength to supporting the pull. The legs are also required to drive the body backwards as well. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and other major muscles of the leg are repeatedly maneuvering much of the body’s weight and, if your technique is correct, contribute just as much effort to the exercise as does your upper body.

Rowing machines are also a great cardiovascular workout. Regular, rhythmic and intense motion increases your heart rate, and rowing is a fluid activity in which it is relatively easy and safe to lose one’s self for 15 to 20 minutes. Routine cardiovascular exercise not only improves the health of your heart, but it burns calories rapidly and boosts your metabolism. Not only does the rowing machine tone muscles, but it also helps you lose weight. You’ll also boost lung capacity as your body learns to process oxygen more efficiently, thus contributing to a healthier and stronger respiratory system.

If done correctly, rowing is fairly low-impact. It doesn’t repeatedly shock or stress joints, as commonly happens with running. The motions are fluid, easy to master, and can be started slowly and with very little resistance. Some may even consider it a form of relaxation. Correct rowing technique also doesn’t strain muscles in unintended directions.

As has been alluded to previously, many of the benefits of rowing machine fitness require you to use correct technique. Not only is improper technique unsafe, but it results in dramatically inefficient workouts. For the best results, be certain to learn and use the correct techniques.

Correct rowing machine technique results in one of the best workouts available from any machine. It tones most of the body’s major muscles, as well as others which support them. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout that will also boost respiratory efficiency, and is also incredibly safe and easy to master. If you’re wondering how to get the best exercise machine for your budget, rowing machines are worth serious consideration.