Concept2 Model D is one of the Best Rowing Machines

Concept2 Model DConcept2 Model D rowing machine is one of the best ways not only to build muscle but loose excess body fat. It is a great alternative to both treadmills and indoor cycles and elliptical machines. It provides a great cardio workout and also a great anaerobic workout as it targets the muscles in both the upper and lower body.with minimal impact at the knees and the ankles. Furthermore you burn more calories when compared with other forms of aerobic exercises. One more import advantage that other cardio fitness equipment don’t have is that you target your core and strengthen it.

This machine is gives you the best rowing workout . The company produces Concept2 since the 80’s and it has been very successful at building high quality machinery. Click here to read full review.

Specifically the Model D rowing Machine has the exact features you need in today’s competitive market.

It is easy to assemble and taking it apart for storage, it’s easy to move around. It operates at a very low to no level noise.It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee . It has a 2 year warranty on all its moving parts and on the monitor and a 5 year guaranty on the frame and the rest of the machine. The price being at 900 dollars is one of the best you can find for this high quality rowing machine. The size of D model is 8 feet long and 24 inches wide with the seat being roughly 14 inches of the floor and when stored it is only 25 inches long 33 inches wide and 53 inches high so you can storage or transport it with ease.

You can assemble in less than for 20 minutes. It comes with clear instructions for piecing the machine together. All you have to do is to attach 8 screws to the front of the machine with the rest of the pieces being already assemble. And in order to store it you don’t need no tools at all.

It is very easy to program the model D rowing machine and specifically the PM3 monitor it comes with. It has many helpful features. It is self calibrating has a memory card with options to store and review data a turn on and turn off button for manual programming and options for pre-designed workouts . The PM3 monitor its 3 by 3 inches and a 160X160 resolution. It measures your distance speed , pace, and calories .although it is more than adequate for all your need you can upgrade it easily with the PM4 monitor which offers games more display options wireless communication with other digital devices and much more.

The noise with its flywheel design is kept at very low level in order to provide you with an enjoyable workout , also not to disturb others in your home and off course in order to allow you to listen to your favorite music and why not the TV.

This model is designed in order to provide with a safe and comfortable workout. The seat is very comfortable and slides easily on the aluminum rails . The foot rests can adjust easily for both men and women of all sizes. And the handle is fitted for a comfortable and natural positioning for your arms. Overall The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing machine is truly at the top of its class.

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