Rowing Machine – Great for Overall Health!

rowing machinesThe use of rowing machines whether at home or the gym has become increasingly popular for people of any age and gender. These people have seen that using a rowing machine improves their overall health and gives their bodies new life.

One of the many notable benefits seen by its users is that they can workout at their own pace. Depending on one’s fitness level and abilities, one can dictate how fast or slow they want to cover a certain distance on a specific resistance level set on the machine.

The low impact on joints and muscles is another one of the benefits that users get to enjoy. Rowing machines does not add unnecessary stress to the joints of the body. One only needs to adjust the level of resistance on the machine according to one’s fitness level before starting a workout routine to avoid any injuries. This means that the machine can be used by people of different ages, even the elderly without too much risk of injury on their knees, elbows and even their backs.

When done after a good set of warm up exercises, rowing machine helps the muscles of the body as well. The reason, it uses many of the core group of muscles of the body during one stretch. It can work out the arms, legs, hips and pelvis areas when a rowing machine exercise routine is done correctly. A good workout on a improves the areas of the back, upper arms and shoulders as well.

Rowing machine benefits the core or upper muscles of the body by strengthening them during workout. The reason for this is that, most of the resistance on a rowing machine is focused on the upper body area. This helps in adding strength to the shoulders, chest and forearms of those who use a rowing machine on regular basis. Aside from strengthening your outer body, the heart and lungs, a rowing machine can also be a good source of cardio-vascular exercise similar to what you can get during an aerobic workout. The calf muscles can also get some benefits to a certain extent because a person needs to use their legs to help them with the pushing motion when using the machine.

Aside from strengthening one’s muscles and giving one a good cardio-vascular workout, the use of a rowing machine helps the body as well by burning excess calories. Calorie burning helps one to lose some weight and build lean muscles.

There are many other benefits that one can visibly see and enjoy, but like with any other exercise, one should be consistent in exercising and using the machine to achieve the desired results.

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